8 annoying myths related to a diet low in carbohydrates

The low carb diet is subject to analysis and some unjustified myths due to its gigantic feat. We would like to have removed all those strange thoughts from your brain when you finish this article completely.

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Here are the most famous fantasies related to the keto weight loss. They are not in any specific request in this sense, do not go through this:

1. Reality Dr. Atkins threw the bucket, individuals have further articulated their low carb diet plan, the famous “Atkins Diet”, which bears his name clearly since he was the author of the agreement. , for those who did not know… Dr. Atkins has actually been a victim of brain injuries caused by a fall, which literally has nothing to do with the diet he has largely established.

2. It has been said that a low carb diet will decrease the measurement of calcium in your body. This certainly could not be more disappointing, since the low carb diet is high in protein, which actually prevents calcium from entering your urine.

3. They say that the low carb diet will damage the kidneys. Not unless, at the present time, there is an imperfection of the kidney, considering that the diet low in carbohydrates, even rich in protein, is not the basis of the whole dinner. Once your diet is low in carbohydrates, you still need to see how the party adjusts. It has been said that some doctors really recommend the low carb diet to some of their patients to treat kidney problems. As I am not a specialist, I will generally continue to insist on people who need to be in better shape to seek expert advice before leaving for any type of project or program or weight reduction program. regime.

4. When going through the kidneys, there is also a legend that says that, while on a low-carbohydrate diet, he suffers from coronary heart disease. Despite what one might expect, the low carb diet actually reduces the risk of having at least some kindness disease. It has also been shown that even foods that contain fats and protein groups do not represent a risk of coronary heart disease.

5. There are no fibers present in the low carbohydrate diet. The low carb diet is, despite what you might expect, high in fiber, and research shows that the proximity of this fiber actually reduces the impact and measurement of starch in the body. What makes the low carb diet a routine eating arrangement?

6. While on a low carbohydrate diet, you are not allowed to use natural or vegetable products. This leaves me very disoriented, in light of the fact that it is anything but a mystery that the population for some reason does not like to eat food grown on the ground. It is a long time and governments around the world are making it a point of obligation when prescribing daily admissions. In this way, as people have addictions, that does not mean it is a low carb diet.

7. A reduced taxi scheme involves the absolute elimination of sugar. In fact, even the most basic specialists, researchers or nutritionists will dispel it, since, in a random banquet, you must have at least between 45% and 65% of sugars in your dinner, depending on each person, obviously.

8. A low carbohydrate diet will attract long-lasting breathing. This is a little good, but not for the reason that it follows a low carb diet. This is mainly due to the fact that people, who attribute little importance to the diet or weight reduction program in which they find themselves, feel that they must do without different dinners, for example, eating foods grown at home. even the floor. Whether you eat or not, not eating food grown on the ground will inspire terrible breath. To combat this is essential, just eat more leafy foods once a day. This has nothing to do with a low carb diet alone!

I hope that thanks to the above clarifications, you can now immerse yourself in simplicity and certainty and start another solid journey and a lifestyle using the low carb diet plan.

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